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Where Can You Purchase KneeRover®Products2018-09-13T11:58:16+00:00

A full range of KneeRover® Products are available to purchase in Ireland from Go Mobility Limited.

Go Mobility supplies Knee Walkers to Trade and Retail customers in Ireland. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us today.

What type of brakes do the kneewalkers have?2018-09-13T12:00:46+00:00

All of the KneeRover® products have rear brakes. To find out more information about a specific Knee Walker you can read the specifications for all individual products.

Is there a weight limit for this knee walker?2018-09-13T12:30:07+00:00

Each KneeRover® product has it’s own weight guidelines. Some of our knee walkers offer a weight capacity of up to 28 stone. If you would like to find out ore information about a specific knee walker you can compare the different KneeRover® products on our Comparison chart. There is also full specifications for each knee walker in the product section.

What is the weight of the Knee Walker?2018-09-13T12:41:20+00:00

You will find the weight of each KneeRover® listed on the product page under the specification tab.

Can the handle be folded down without removing the seat?2018-09-13T12:52:42+00:00

Yes, the handlebars on the knee walkers will fold down with or without the seat being removed. With the seat removed this will allow the knee walker to be broken down into it’s most compact position.

Can the knee walker be folded for transport?2018-09-13T13:04:31+00:00

Yes, all our knee scooters fold easily for transport. The steering column can be lowered and the seat can also be removed. Once this has been done the knee walker will fit into most cars.

Are the knee scooters steerable?2018-09-13T13:17:11+00:00

Yes, all of our knee scooters are steerable.

Is the Knee Walker height adjustable?2018-09-13T13:42:11+00:00

The handlebars and seat height are both adjustable for all our knee walkers. As the recommended user height varies in each KneeRover® all the different heights can be found on our Comparison chart. The heights are also listed under the specification section for each product. Our KneeRover® products are suitable for people from 3’6″ to 6’8″.

Is there a user manual with the Knee Walker?2018-09-13T13:50:29+00:00

All our products are supplied with a user manual. There are also instructions available for each knee walker in the product section on our website.

How do I know which knee walker is best suited to me?2018-09-25T13:40:06+00:00

As we offer Ireland’s most comprehensive range of knee walkers we have a product for everyone! When choosing a knee walker you should consider the following factors, user weight, user height, cast type and desired use. We cater for people who want to use the knee walker indoors and on rougher terrain.

If for any reason you are unsure which knee scooter is best for you, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

Is there a knee walker for children and small adults?2018-09-13T15:25:21+00:00

As we have the most comprehensive range of knee walkers there are two KneeRover ® products that are suitable for small adults and children. The KneeRover® Jr. is suitable for users that are 4 feet to 5’9” and the Knee Walker Jr. is suitable for users that are 3’6” to 5’4″.

Will the knee walker work on carpet? Will they mark the floor?2018-09-13T20:12:31+00:00

The KneeRover® products will work on carpet. The All Terrain models will be easier to move on carpet in comparison to the standard knee walkers. The standard knee walkers have rubber non-marking wheels. The all terrain models have air filled tyres and sometimes these can leave marks on the floor if the knee walker skids when the brakes are applied. These marks can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

Do you supply parts for purchase if repair/replacement is needed?2018-09-13T20:21:00+00:00

Yes as an exclusive seller of the KneeRover® all parts are available.

What can I use to inflate the tyres on the All Terrain KneeRovers®?2018-09-13T21:08:43+00:00

Most bicycle and automotive tyre inflators that have a compact head will work.

Does the KneeRover® require assembly?2018-09-13T21:17:38+00:00

There is very little assembly required once you receive your KneeRover®. Our products are shipped partially assembled. The only parts that will need to be secured to the frame are the knee pad, steering column and basket. We provide fully instructions with each purchase and these are also available in the products section on our website.

If you have anyquestions please feel free to send us an email or give us a call on 01 866 3366.

Are the KneeRover®products available to rent?2018-09-13T21:26:12+00:00

Yes, we have a dedicated rental website where you can book your knee walker rental.

Will I need a prescription to purchase a knee walker?2018-09-13T21:29:54+00:00

No, you do not need a prescription to purchase a knee scooter.

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